Premium drilling and driving tools manufactured at close tolerances to fit

Festool Centrotec chucks

We’ve combined their proprietary drive shank, designed for reduced run-out, with the proven performance of Make it Snappy Tools

  • A breath of fresh air...Festool has refused for years to offer a Centrotec compatible Square Drive/Robertson driver bit, much to the dismay of many of us. I recently picked up this #2 (and a #1) from McFeeley's and will be using them going forward. Thanks for producing this needed product!
    Jim Becker
  • I have been using the Snappy quick change system on my cordless drills for many years. I use the complete set of Drill Bit Adapters and Gold Screw Countersinks.  These are a great time savers and very versatile. I have used the 1/4" drill adapter to hold many other cutting tools. The combination drill and countersinks make the process of drilling screw holes very easy and accurate. Great customer service and help when I have called the factory. Steve Beck
    Steve Beck
  • On Friday, April 3, 2015 Allan Little wrote: "These tools really are changing the way I work. For the better I might add." Go check out Allan's videos on YouTube at and/or check out his website    
    Allan Little
  • On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Louis wrote: "I have to say I'm extremely impressed with your customer service. Really above and beyond. I'm planning to post a video review of quick connect chuck sets and you'd better believe the consideration you've shown me is going to be a huge component. Again, really superb customer service. Literally the best I've ever seen." Lou.
    Louis V.
  • On 2015-03-29 08:43, Richard Terry wrote:
    "I have been a custom cabinetmaker for over thirty years. Being in this business to make a living takes a love of the work and the finest tools that allow you to be efficient, accurate and that help you save time. The first Snappy tool I used was the quick chuck. This allowed a simple drill to be a multitool by simply pushing the desired hex shanked tool into the Snappy quick chuck. No pulling down of the collet sleeve. I bought five, one for every toolbx.At the time I primarily used it for screw bits. Needing to drill tiny holes all day I was constantly putting drill bits in and out of my drill which took time. With that I came across the sets of drill bit adapters Snappy sells that very quickly pop in and out of the Quick change chuck. This made pieces of work go together much faster allowing me to increase my profits and enjoy my work. Mike you have a fine business with fine tools and thank you for your top notch customer support."   Terry's Fine Woodworking
    Richard Terry
  • "I commend you for the way you run your business and I assure you, whenever I need a product you make, I will buy it from your firm."  
    Carl S.
    Construction Manager
  • I received your package over the weekend and can't say enough good things about your company and your ability to exceed customer expectations. I'll make sure to pass along the word to my fellow woodworkers. Thanks again for being a great company.
    Shawn N.
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