92016 – 1/4″ Drill Bit Adapter with Festool Centrotec compatible shank

$ 8.91

Adapt standard round drill bits for use in Festool Centrotec keyless chucks . Heat treated to a specific hardness to provide durability, while still maintaining the collets ability to compress around the drill bit. Securely holds a round drill bit of the rated size to 1/64″ smaller.

  • Drive Shank:  Festool Centrotec Compatible Shank
  • Recommended Drill Size: 1/4″
  • Accepted Range of Drills (Decimal Inch):  .237″ – .252″

Always use a Hex Shank Socket (Part #42001) to protect the shank from damage when replacing twist drills or use the Bench Mount Shank Wrench (Part #92881) for easier bit changes!

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