40324 – 3/8″ Tapered Plug Cutter

$ 12.99

Use Snappy tapered plug cutters to cut your own plugs to conceal screws and other fasteners. Use scraps to match wood grain, making the plug nearly invisible or, for a decorative look; use a contrasting wood.

Snappy plug cutters produce a tapered plug, so you get a tight fit with no glue needed. The chamfered nose makes it easy to get the plug started into the bore.

Four precision-milled angles on each of the four flutes ensure a smooth cut and a tight-fitting, consistent taper.

Heat-treated to provide excellent wear resistance and a long cutting life.

  • Drive Shank:  1/4″ Hex Power Bit Shank
  • Plug Size:  3/8″

-For use in drill press only, with board clamped to table

-Recommended Maximum RPM: 1000

-Always wear approved eye protection

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